Environmental stewardship

Environmental stewardship is one of the three pillars of our sustainability framework and includes reducing and eliminating our environmental and climate impacts while identifying opportunities to restore, revitalize and regenerate ecosystems wherever possible.

Environmental stewardship at Clearway

Clearway’s focus on clean energy production is rooted in a desire to protect and conserve the natural resources around us. Our commitment to environmental stewardship begins with understanding the potential and actual impacts of our projects on animal, bird, and plant species, and preventing or mitigating these impacts when they occur.

In the U.S., all power generation projects are required to go through extensive environmental review and permitting processes at the federal, state, and/or local level. This can include comprehensive environmental impact assessments that evaluate a project’s potential impact on wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and other aspects of the natural environment.

Our robust environmental policies and procedures ensure that new projects meet or exceed federal, state, and local environmental requirements. Environmental performance at our operational sites is tracked through our environmental management system, which is also used to monitor and report incidents. Material information including key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and if applicable, any incidents, violations, inspections by agencies, or the emergence of potential risks is reported to senior management on at least a monthly basis, and in turn to our Board of Directors. In addition, numerous quarterly and annual performance metrics are reported to our owners.


Our holistic process will implement regenerative development strategies on project sites as well as offsite to create positive feedback loops between physical, natural, economic, and social domains that can regenerate natural ecosystems, enhance biodiversity, and sequester carbon.

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In keeping with our commitment to minimize impacts to sensitive resources, we implement environmentally conscious best management practices during project development, construction, and operations.

Climate strategy & GHG reduction

Clearway’s core purpose as a company is to address the global challenge of climate change as we are committed to accelerating the world’s transition to zero-carbon renewable energy sources by generating renewable energy at a scale that meaningfully reduces our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions trajectory.


Regenerative development, biodiversity, and wildlife

Regenerative development is a proactive attitude at every project stage (development, construction, and operations) that seeks to push beyond community and environmental stewardship.

Waste management, cradle-to-cradle

Clearway seeks to minimize the generation of waste wherever practical in order to create a sustainable work environment for our employees, the communities that host our projects, and the environment at large. All our waste management procedures comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

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We pride ourselves on delivering on our commitments and providing innovative solutions that support and protect the environment.

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