Waste management, cradle-to-cradle

Clearway seeks to minimize the generation of waste wherever practical in order to create a sustainable work environment for our employees, the communities that host our projects, and the environment at large. All our waste management procedures comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Waste management

Our approach

To ensure our wind and solar projects generate the maximum amount of clean energy, we replace items that become damaged or exhibit degraded performance. This includes repowering older wind projects by retrofitting the site with turbines that produce more power.

While it is possible to recycle a high percentage of the materials used in both wind turbine blades and solar panels, the infrastructure necessary to do so cost-effectively and at scale are still being developed across the US. Creating sustainable, cradle-to-cradle supply chains that prioritize resource recovery and waste minimization is a priority for the clean energy industry, and Clearway is actively pursuing avenues to increase the amount of project-related waste we recycle.

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