Project development

From the very first kitchen table meetings with landowners to breaking ground for construction, Clearway is involved in every step of the development process.

Our cross functional approach to project development involves every stage of the process: from conception through siting, land surveying, entitlement, design, interconnection, contract negotiation, customer agreements, and financing. We work closely with property owners, local government, utilities, state and federal environmental agencies, technical consultants, and

local communities to ensure our projects are responsibly sited and developed.

Project development is on the front lines of Clearway’s mission “to do good by our customers, our communities, and our environment.” We prioritize protecting natural resources and creating positive and lasting relationships with our projects’ landowners and neighbors.

We’re developing a 30 GW pipeline nationwide


With one of the nation’s largest renewable energy pipelines, Clearway is leading the transition to reliable, low-cost clean energy.

Clearway’s working in 25 states to bring reliable and low-cost clean energy to the grid.

6 GW

in wind development

Clearway’s working in 25 states to bring reliable and low-cost clean energy to the grid.

6 GW

in solar development

Clearway’s working in 25 states to bring reliable and low-cost clean energy to the grid.

12 GW

in paired and standalone storage development

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Rattlesnake Flat

The 160 MW project which will generate enough clean energy to power 38,000 homes each year.

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Leading Hawaii's 100% clean energy transition

Just before Hawaii closed its last coal plant, it flipped the switch on Mililani Solar, O’ahu’s first solar + storage power plant. The 39 MW solar and 39 MW storage site provides reliable and low-cost clean power even after the sun goes down.

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Langford Wind Farm

Clearway’s repowering of Langford wind farm increased capacity to 160 MW, increased generation by over 25% and significantly extended the life of the project.

Every step of the way


Project development is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder process. We take pride in our diligent, expert-led team, our mission to do good by the communities where we work, and our commitment to being a reliable long-term partner.

Site evaluation Identify real estate and meet with landowners

We start by working closely with prospective landowners. We leverage sophisticated GIS tools and datasets, execute title insurance and reports, and run visual surveys of real estate.

Planning Conduct environmental reviews and engineering studies

Optimizing project site designs is informed by multiple factors, including geographical considerations and equipment placement.

Permitting Secure permitting approvals & transmission interconnection

Interconnection processes are market-specific and are typically lengthy coordination processes between RTO/ISOs, utilities, and developers like Clearway. Permitting is a multi-stakeholder process spanning local, state, and national jurisdictions.

Contracting Contract power with customers

Securing customer offtakers to purchase the electricity. An offtaker can range from utilities, to governments to commercial and industrial customers. Offtaker agreements (Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs) are critical to securing predictable revenue streams for projects.

Design engineering Optimize designs and purchase equipment

The design engineering process is iterative and considers feedback from many stakeholders including those from real estate, permitting, interconnection, and offtake. Clearway selects equipment wisely with careful evaluation of performance, quality, risk, and full lifecycle value.

Financing Secure project financing

Clearway arranges 100% of a project’s required funding through a combination of sponsor equity, construction financing, tax equity, and debt. Our diversified financing experience combined with our portfolio of long-term generation assets gives Clearway a unique advantage working with investors and financing institutions.

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