Climate strategy & GHG emissions reduction

Clearway’s core purpose as a company is to address the global challenge of climate change as we are committed to accelerating the world’s transition to zero-carbon renewable energy sources by generating renewable energy at a scale that meaningfully reduces our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions trajectory.

Climate strategy

Our approach

The impacts of climate change will continue to have tremendous societal, environmental, and financial costs for decades to come. To help us focus on our core purpose, track our progress, and hold ourselves accountable, we have committed to a long-term goal:

By 2035, 95% of the electricity we generate will be carbon-free.

Climate scenario analysis

As we work to create a sustainable future, we’re mindful that climate change is already occurring and has the potential to significantly impact our future business activities through changes in weather patterns and extreme weather events.

To understand these potential impacts and manage the attendant risks, in 2020 we conducted a climate scenario analysis. The analysis examined three scenarios and the associated physical and transitional risks. Each of these scenarios paints a different picture of the world in 2050 and allows us to assess our current and future strategies against them.

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