Occupational health & safety

There is nothing more important to our company than ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, and the communities in which we work and operate.

Our vision of organizational safety is to establish and promote a safety culture based on prevention, capacity, and continuous learning where employees feel comfortable reporting incidents and are empowered to exercise stop-work authority if they are unsure about something or identify a safety concern.

At Clearway, we maintain a robust monitoring and reporting framework that originates with our employees and safety teams in the field and is communicated up to our senior management, CEO and board of directors. Our environmental health and safety (EHS) program follows the ISO 45001 standard and is structured around our EHS management system.

It consists of 15 essential elements that align with recognized international EHS management standards and the continuous improvement cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act. Contractors working on our construction sites are required to report major incidents to our construction team immediately and to submit weekly EHS reports that are tracked and reported to senior management on a monthly basis.

Failing safe

In recent years, the safety industry has shifted from behavioral-based safety to a focus on human performance and “failing safe.” This approach acknowledges that to err is human and seeks to build the capacity to fail without causing harm. Central to this philosophy is a focus on mitigating risks associated with activities with the potential for serious injury and fatalities. At Clearway, our safety program is rooted in identifying and assessing risks, and we have further refined our approach to reflect the following principles of human performance.

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