Clearway Energy Group and Hawaiian Electric Approved to Develop 75 MW of Low-Cost Renewable Energy on O’ahu

February 28, 2019

HAWAII – On Monday, the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved power purchase agreements between Clearway Energy Group (“Clearway”) and Hawaiian Electric Company for the construction of two solar projects on O’ahu: Mililani I Solar and Waiawa Solar Power. The power purchase agreements were previously executed and submitted for review by the PUC in December 2018.

The Mililani I Solar project is sized at 39 MW and located in the Mililani Agricultural Park, while the Waiawa Solar Power project, located in the Waiawa region, is sized at 36 MW. Both projects will include battery storage capability.

“We’re excited to move forward with Hawaiian Electric and all of our partners in Hawai’i in bringing even more clean energy to O’ahu at a savings to ratepayers,” said Patrick Sullivan, Vice President of Development at Clearway. “The alignment and support for projects like these by the Governor, the Legislature and the PUC is making Hawai’i a true national leader in the clean energy revolution. We’re humbled by this vote of confidence in our projects and look forward to advancing them through permitting and into construction in support of the state’s 100 percent renewable energy goals.”

In addition to the two solar projects approved today, Clearway has three other solar projects that are currently under construction on Oahu and will be completed in 2019. Combined, the five projects will generate 185 megawatts of low-cost, renewable energy – enough to power approximately 62,000 O’ahu homes each year.

With renewable assets across 28 states, over 500 employees and the capacity to power about 2.7 million homes, Clearway is one of the largest clean energy companies in the United States.