Clearway Completes Construction on Rosamond Central Solar Project

January 5, 2021

San Francisco – Clearway Energy Group (“Clearway”) announced today that it completed construction and reached commercial operations on the 192 MW Rosamond Central solar project in Kern County, California. Rosamond Central is contracted under Power Purchase Agreements with East Bay Community Energy and Clean Power Alliance, both Community Choice Aggregators providing a diverse range of power options to regional customers, and the City of Palo Alto Utilities, which has administered Palo Alto’s electric power system for 120 years.

“We are proud to continue contributing to California’s goal of 100% clean electricity and keep the state on the forefront of climate leadership,” said Valerie Wooley, Vice President of Origination at Clearway Energy Group. “In a year with countless headwinds, Rosamond Central came together thanks to the dedication and effort of many partners, including McCarthy’s swift action to create a safe working environment, and the trust of East Bay Community Energy, Clean Power Alliance, and City of Palo Alto to meet their customers’ demand for clean, reliable, and low-cost renewable energy.”

“We’re excited to have energy projects like Rosamond come online and start serving our customers with clean energy that will maintain long-term rate stability. This project has given us the opportunity to create much-needed jobs and allowed us to meet California’s ambitious renewable energy goals ahead of schedule,” said Natasha Keefer, Director of Power Planning and Procurement, Clean Power Alliance.

“This marks the first new utility-scale solar project built to serve EBCE customers with clean, affordable, renewable energy,” said EBCE CEO Nick Chaset. “EBCE’s 112 megawatts from this project lays the foundation of our portfolio of projects that will serve our electricity customers throughout Alameda County.”

“The City of Palo Alto Utilities has been delivering 100% carbon-neutral electricity to our customers since 2013, and we’ve been proud to do so while maintaining highly competitive rates compared to neighboring utilities,” said Dean Batchelor, utilities director. “This new power purchase agreement further enhances our ability to offer clean, renewable energy at an affordable rate, supporting our utility’s mission and citywide sustainability and climate action goals. With the addition of 26 MW generated by the Rosamond project to our energy portfolio, solar energy will now supply almost half of Palo Alto’s total electric needs each year.”

Construction of Rosamond Central began in February and was led by McCarthy Building Companies. More than 600 jobs were created during construction and the site will sustain several permanent operations and maintenance jobs. The solar site also represents a $5 million investment in Kern County through tax revenue to support area public services and will generate enough clean energy to power more than 71,000 homes each year.

This year, Clearway partnered with East Bay Community Energy to distribute $250,000 in grants to more than two dozen community-based organizations in Alameda County providing emergency relief and purchasing personal protective equipment for area frontline workers and at-risk community members during the pandemic.

Clearway is one of the largest renewable energy companies in the state with about 1,800 MW of operating renewable energy assets. Rosamond Central will expand Clearway’s footprint in Kern County, where the company owns and operates 1,053 MW of wind and solar energy assets and contributes approximately $20,000,000 in annual property taxes to the local economy.

In December, Clearway announced a joint equity transaction for a 1.6 GW portfolio that includes Rosamond Central.