Clearway Completes Additional Long-Term Solar + Energy Storage Contracts for Riverside County, CA Projects

December 16, 2021

San Francisco – Clearway Energy Group LLC (Clearway) announced today that the entire output from its Arica Solar + Energy Storage project, under development on land controlled by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) jurisdiction, in Riverside County, California, is under contract. The three customers, Clean Power Alliance (CPA), Peninsula Clean Energy, and PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP) have each signed a separate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that comprises the entire 270 MW solar + 121 MW energy storage capacity at the site.

“Arica is an example of how a single project can support multiple customers in accomplishing their individual goals – from helping our corporate customers achieve their sustainability goals to increasing reliability and resiliency of the grid in California for community choice aggregators,” said Valerie Wooley, Vice President of Origination at Clearway. “Thanks to our customers, Clean Power Alliance, Peninsula Clean Energy, and Pepsi, Arica will deliver affordable, renewable power and drive impressive local benefits.”

Arica is part of a larger solar and storage complex in Riverside County, along with Clearway’s Victory Pass project, known as the Red Bluff Complex. Once complete, Red Bluff will generate enough clean electricity to power approximately 132,000 homes and represents an investment of $689 million, including $5.9 million in local economic benefits during operations. More than 1,000 jobs will be created during construction and once operating, the larger solar and storage complex will employ several full-time positions.

“Sourcing renewable energy is a critical part of our journey to net-zero,” said Roberta Barbieri, Sustainability Vice President, PepsiCo. “We are proud to announce our plan to work with Clearway Energy Group on a Power Purchase Agreement that will provide clean energy for our US operations. Today and every day, PepsiCo is proud to further our progress with the help of our incredible partners in scaling renewable energy projects across the globe.”

“Clearway’s Arica Solar + Storage project represents our green energy future,” said Matt Langer, Clean Power Alliance Chief Operating Officer. “The solar panels create 100% renewable energy during the daytime and the batteries store energy for use in the evening creating reliable clean electricity to meet our customers’ high demand for renewable energy. Because it’s located in Riverside, it will create green jobs in the Southern California region.”

“The Arica project is an important tool to help us reach our goal of providing 24/7 renewable power to our customers,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said. “The ability to produce and store emission-free solar power that can be used day or night, in the summer and winter, is one of the most consequential actions we can take to help our region address a rapidly changing climate.”

Clearway is one of the largest renewable energy companies in California with an operating renewable energy portfolio of about 1,700 MW owned by its public affiliate. The Red Bluff Complex will expand Clearway’s footprint in Riverside County, where the company already owns and operates 180 MW of solar capacity, a number that will triple by early 2024.

Arica’s construction will begin next year under a Project Labor Agreement to employ union workers.