Black Rock Wind Farm’s 2024 Grant Application Open for Area Nonprofits

February 1, 2024

Clearway funded Community Benefit Fund to distribute an additional $51,000 in local grants

Elk Garden, WV – US Wind Force Foundation, Inc. today announced that it is accepting applications from qualified nonprofits for grant funding from the Black Rock Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. Black Rock, a 115-megawatt wind farm in Grant and Mineral counties, is indirectly owned and operated by Clearway.

The Black Rock Community Benefit Fund was established to provide financial resources for worthy “brick and mortar” projects in the communities immediately surrounding the 23-turbine Black Rock Wind Farm located on the Allegheny Front near Elk Garden, West Virginia. Grant applications must be postmarked no later than Thursday, March 14, 2024. The US Wind Force Foundation manages the benefit fund.

Black Rock Wind voluntarily committed to donating $133,000 to the Community Benefit Fund at the start of commercial operations in 2022, and $50,000 per year for the project’s life. Clearway also operates the Pinnacle wind farm in Mineral County and launched a Community Benefit Fund for Pinnacle in 2012. Together, the Pinnacle and Black Rock Community Benefit Funds have awarded more than $475,000 to worthy local projects to date.

“We are honored to be of service to Grant and  Mineral counties and their residents, particularly at a time in which enrichment and critical services desperately need to be bolstered to retain and attract people in West Virginia,” said Jim Cookman, President of the US Wind Force Foundation and partner at Laurel Renewable Partners, Black Rock Wind Farm’s developer. “We look forward to reviewing the many applications we expect to receive. We appreciate the community’s broad support for Black Rock, and Clearway Energy’s continued commitment to the community.”

Grant applications will be subject to a rigorous review process by an Allocation Committee of Grant County and Mineral County residents.”It is a pleasure to see companies like Clearway have a vested interest in our community’s culture and needs. I’m proud to serve, allowing locals like me and others on the committee to make decisions on direct positive impacts in our region,” noted Keri Whitacre, Chair of the Allocation Committee.

To learn more about the Black Rock Community Benefit Fund and the grant application process, please visit the foundation website The grant application form is available on the foundation website at

About US Wind Force Foundation, Inc.

US Wind Force Foundation, Inc., a West Virginia nonprofit corporation, is organized exclusively for charitable purposes.  Its primary purpose is to enhance the community by providing funding for projects related to education, historic preservation, public safety, economic development, public recreation, parks, playgrounds, athletic facilities, and other similar activities.  It will provide funding to select not-for-profit community organizations and communities, consistent with its charter.  It was founded by the partners of the project’s developer, US Wind Force, who now develops renewable energy projects as the owners of Laurel Renewable Partners, LLC.  To learn more about the US Wind Force Foundation, Inc., visit the website