The Clearway Community: Supporting COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Community relief for COVID-19 was a joint effort between Clearway Energy Group and Clearway Energy, Inc.

As the impact that the coronavirus was having on communities started to emerge, Clearway’s staff began asking, what can we do to help? Soon, it became clear that Clearway’s own team members on the ground, spread across the country in dozens of states, had the best answers to that question.

In an incredible employee-led effort, Clearway staff from across our company began reaching out to local organizations and nonprofits in their communities to find out what those on the frontlines needed most. And the answer was simple: local charities needed resources to meet overwhelming demand. One local food bank reported that a single donation of $5,000 would allow them to provide 25,000 local meals.

That companywide participation allowed Clearway to scale its impact across the country. The sum of these efforts resulted in Clearway donating nearly $500,000 to more than 40 organizations in the communities where we live and operate nationwide.

We’re humbled to be able to lend support during this crisis. And while we’re proud of our team’s compassion and participation to make it happen, we were not all that surprised. Clearway is invested in the people and places where we work. We’re proud that our team shares the same basic mission: to do good by those we serve.