Hitting the Trifecta with Renewable Energy

Across the country, policymakers increasingly recognize the growing role of renewables in our economy. California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, and Puerto Rico have all passed 100% carbon-free electricity goals. At least 100 cities have enacted 100% clean energy requirements while another 13 states are currently considering similar legislation.

In the private sector, 174 multinational companies – all concerned about the cost of energy, reliability, and the environment – have set public goals to get to 100% clean energy. And as evidence of those goals, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance reported that in 2018, corporations procured over 6.5 GW of renewable energy, setting a new single-year record.

Thanks to competitive economics, overwhelming demand, and policies that promote a level playing field, America’s clean energy economy is booming.

For consumers, policymakers, and businesses that compete in the energy sector, the holy grail has always been about achieving affordable, reliable, and clean electricity. Renewable energy is delivering on this trifecta to the point where businesses and families no longer must compromise by paying more for clean power or buying cheaper power at the expense of the environment.

The cost of solar and wind have plummeted over the last decade and are beating coal and nuclear on price. In many places, it’s now cheaper for states to build new clean energy infrastructure than it is to keep old expensive coal plants running. In just one example, Xcel Energy, the largest electric utility in Colorado, decided last year to retire two coal plants a decade ahead of schedule and replace them with cheaper solar, wind, and gas.

There’s a remarkable shift in the way Americans buy and consume power, and it’s happening at a faster rate than anyone could have imagined.

Clearway is on the frontlines of the transition to clean energy. Today we own and operate more than 4.1 gigawatts (GW) of solar and wind in 25 states and have an extensive pipeline of projects in development and construction, giving us a firsthand perspective on how clean technology is driving down costs for everyone. Across the country, we’re signing long-term contracts that are price-competitive with grid and conventional power with customers ranging from a Fortune 500 in Minnesota to a school district in Massachusetts.

The uptick in renewable energy demand is happening everywhere. All our partners – whether it’s universities or home improvement retailers or technology companies – benefit from the cost-saving and price stability of renewables and are accelerating the rapid transition to clean electricity.

Today, more than 60 million Americans live in cities, states, and territories that have committed to 100% carbon-free electricity. Clearway is proud to be providing Americans with affordable, reliable and clean electricity. For more information see www.clearwayenergygroup.com or write us at info@clearwayenergy.com.