Renewable Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Renewable energy can also be reliable energy. What it takes is a team of in-house energy experts and engineers, capably and efficiently operating thousands of megawatts of wind and solar projects, whether for customers or for their own renewable fleet. It also means operating and maintaining every project to ensure it is performing at its peak – today and in the future.

Thorough, timely and dependable are perhaps the best descriptors for a full-service O&M program – words that are as appropriate for a cutting-edge, innovative and emerging renewable project and they are for a traditional generation facility.

Another vital resource – a highly qualified staff, monitoring and analyzing projects using a real-time intelligence platform similar to what utilities use – OSI-Pi™ – and proprietary algorithms from a state-of-the-art operations center.

What's new can become what's proven through an effective approach to efficient energy operations. This involves utilizing equipment-specific preventive and predictive programs, both designed to minimize the need for unplanned corrective maintenance. When this type of maintenance is needed, a prompt and competent response must follow. Similarly, predicting a maintenance issue can help prevent downtime and other costly outages.

In reality, the mechanics of a renewable energy solution are just as compelling as the concept behind them. It centers on the ability to keep renewable energy humming through the ability to understand and maintain critical operating equipment like gearboxes, inverters, generators and turbine blades.