San Diego International Airport Solar Project

San Diego International Airport

Now Arriving: Solar power to provide clean, renewable energy

A solar energy solution is now part of the air travel experience at San Diego International Airport (SAN). The solar installation includes a 1.15 MW system atop the east and west portions of Terminal 2 West and a 2.16 MW carport system over the Terminal 2 parking lot. These PV installations are expected to generate enough electricity in their first year of operation to offset up to 13 percent of the power demands from Terminals 1-2. They'll also save up to $8 million in total energy costs over the 20-year agreement.

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In 2008, SAN was the first major airport in the nation to adopt a formal sustainability policy, which includes a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving LEED certification in all new construction.

Quick Facts

Project San Diego Airport (SAN) Solar Project
Location San Diego, CA
Project Size 3.3 MW
Project Completion February 2016

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