Community Solar & Distributed Solar

Community Solar

Clearway Community Solar farms offer universal access to the benefits of solar to residents, businesses, schools, hospitals and municipalities — no roof required. Our program makes supporting renewable energy easy and practical. We create power in numbers by pooling together a community of customers to make locally-produced, solar energy a reality.

With nearly 100 community solar farms active or in development, and 210 MW of operating solar capacity serving approximately 20,000 customers, Clearway is one of the largest developers, owners, and operators of community solar in the United States. That’s the equivalent of offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from driving a car over 370 million miles, or from San Francisco to New York more than 125,000 times.

Clearway Community Solar is currently active in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York, and we’re actively expanding to new markets.

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Distributed Solar

From hospitals and municipalities to university campuses and corporations, our distributed solar projects allow customers to generate and use electricity cleanly and efficiently through solar installed on roofs, carports, and ground-mounted systems.

Clearway staked its position as a national leader in developing distributed systems in 2011. Since then, we’ve developed several unique solar programs such as our portfolio with Arizona State University which includes 31 unique projects delivering over 12 MW of power across the campus, a two-phased program with MGM Resorts International which at full production meets 25% of the resort’s power demand, and a portfolio of 12 rooftop installations with Whole Foods Market across California, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Clearway proudly operates our distributed assets as one of the largest owner-operators of renewable energy projects across the nation.

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