Our 2022 Report

Sustainability and ESG at Clearway
Good Governance & Business Excellence Pillar

Good Governance & Business Excellence Pillar

Good governance and business excellence form the third pillar of our sustainability framework. We achieve this through a strong culture of transparency, accountability, compliance, and efficiency across all levels of our organization.

Accountability, transparency, and good governance are fundamental to the Clearway enterprise. Our purpose, values, and strategies are determined by our leadership, and our officers and employees are committed to our shared mission and operating principles. Important governance functions like accounting and internal audit are shared across the Clearway enterprise. As such, although Clearway Energy Group is privately owned, our policies, financial controls, and business controls adhere to the same standards (including those required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) expected of our publicly traded affiliate Clearway Energy, Inc. Our financial performance and an analysis of enterprise-level risks are regularly reported to the boards of both companies as well as to our owners.

To learn more about governance across the Clearway enterprise, please refer to our 2022 ESG report and Clearway’s GRI Index .