What We Do

Clearway’s extensive experience with all aspects of project development, project finance, operations, and customer service has made us a leader in the renewable energy industry. Our portfolio ranges from clusters of community solar projects to some of the largest wind and solar projects in the United States. Clearway proudly supports the communities where we live, work, and operate our projects.


Our Origination team has proven experience in delivering renewable power under long-term contracts to corporations, residential and wholesale customers, including utilities, municipals, cooperatives and competitive retail providers.

We pride ourselves on delivering on our commitments and providing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Clearway has a strong presence across key U.S. markets in both regulated and deregulated regions where we have utility-scale and community solar projects operating and in development.

Our Customers


The Development team works closely with property owners, local government, utilities, state and federal environmental agencies, qualified technical consultants, and stakeholders to ensure our projects are responsibly sited and developed.

Comprised of experienced project developers and subject matter experts in transmission and market strategy, land use permitting, and real estate resolution, the Development team manages projects from conception through siting, land surveying, entitlement, design, interconnection, contract negotiation, and financing.

The Development team is on the front lines of Clearway’s mission “to do good by our customers, our communities, our environment” and prioritizes protecting natural resources and creating positive and lasting relationships with our projects’ landowners and neighbors.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management

Clearway maintains an industry-leading level of quality assurance in our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management processes, ensuring that equipment and design exceed project goals. As the owner and operator of our systems, Clearway is highly incentivized to build systems that will operate as expected. Clearway partners with the most capable EPC firms in the industry with significant experience across product applications, that hold active licenses and certifications. Learn more about our how we select EPCs and other partners.

Our Partners

Capital Markets

Clearway arranges 100% of a project’s required funding through a combination of sponsor equity, construction financing, tax equity, and debt. Our diversified financing experience combined with our portfolio of long-term generation assets gives Clearway a unique advantage working with investors and financing institutions. Our Capital Markets team prioritizes building mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with capital providers to secure financing in the most competitive markets.

Our Public Affiliate

Commercial Operations

Clearway’s Commercial Operations team, which manages the operations, maintenance, and asset management for our wind and solar assets totaling over 5.7 GW, serves as the primary asset manager on the vast majority of assets owned by Clearway Energy Group and Clearway Energy, Inc. Clearway prides itself on being a world-class asset owner and operator of renewable generation. While many of our competitors rely on third-party operators, Clearway hires best-in-class technical experts and operators in-house to serve our assets and to ensure our customers’ energy goals are met.

Our Projects