Our Vision

A world powered by clean energy

Our Mission

To make clean, competitive, and reliable energy.

To do good by our customers, our communities, our environment, and our people.

To be an enduring company that makes these things – and even more – possible.

A message from our CEO

At Clearway, we’re on a mission to build a world powered by clean energy. And with renewable assets across more than half of the USA generating enough power for more than a million American homes – and a pipeline of new projects under development from Hawaii to West Virginia – together with our customers, we’re on the leading edge of taking our country in that direction.

From homeowners to world-class businesses and to the utilities that service them, today’s energy consumers are increasingly looking for energy that is clean in addition to being reliable and affordable. We think that’s happening because today we can offer clean power at prices that are competitive with other sources of energy, and because just about anyone who can meet their energy needs in a way that protects the planet for their children wants to be able to do so.

At Clearway, we have the capability and the resources it takes to provide these clean energy solutions at the growing scale of our country’s interest in them. And something we’re proud of is that our ability to meet these needs at an accelerating pace isn’t just determined by how much land we have or how fast we can install solar panels or wind turbines. It’s also driven by the incredible people who make up our company and the real sense of purpose they bring to our mission. We think that’s what really sets us apart here at Clearway – and we’re excited by what that will let us accomplish for our customers, our other stakeholders, and our world.

We hope you’ll get a window into this passion at work through our website and that your time here will help inform you about the progress we’re making or, even better, lead to new ways for us to work together on this mission. Thanks for your interest in Clearway and for doing whatever you can to help us move our world towards everything that’s possible for us tomorrow.

With best regards from everyone here at Clearway,

Craig Cornelius

Chief Executive Officer

Clearway Energy Group

Our Values

  • Quality

    We build to last – our projects, our partnerships, our people, and our business.

  • Respect

    We consider perspectives from all directions, value backgrounds of all kinds, strive to understand through new lenses, and communicate thoughtfully.

  • Possibility

    We seek to realize the potential in our people, our partners, and our projects.

Our Operating Principles

  1. Safety & Health. In the field and in the office, always putting first the well-being of our people, our neighbors, and our environment.
  2. Integrity. Doing what’s right in our work, saying what’s right with our words.
  3. Accountability. Owning our responsibilities and the outcomes, facing our challenges and seeking help where we need it to meet them, and finding a way to just get it done.
  4. Continuous Improvement. Recognizing there’s no such thing as perfect in the real world, but embracing opportunities to learn and change, always making progress towards a better company.
  5. Teamwork. Seeking opportunities to collaborate, looking to get the most out of everyone around us, celebrating success and sharing setbacks, and accomplishing all the more for it.